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LS-SDPM-PE Self-detection die head

Self-detection die head

A newly developed of LSPM-250 self-detecting die head, which have been developed and also been put on the market in 2013, the most striking feature is: when produce various size of pipe, just only need to obtain the formulation data from control system and adjust the head before starting machine, it can easily achieve the qualified pipes, so as to shorten the adjusting time of head from starting to producing the finished product, which can be reduced the waste rate, save time and create value for customers!
LS-SDPM die head also has below features: 

Key technology for plastic pipe swarfless cutter: synchronous accuracy.


Principle description:

      When plastic pipe online production, it can be cut off according to our required fixed-length. In the cutting process, requires cutting trolley synchronized with production line speed, only in the case of strict synchronization, in order to ensure the smooth pipe cuts and the durability of cutting tool and the synchromesh mechanism. In the control mode of synchronous, mostly adopt speed regulator which between cutting trolley and upstream hauling caterpillar to establish a certain proportion relationship according to inherent mechanical transmission ratio, one of the biggest disadvantage of this scheme is the line speed which feedback from hauling inverter is not the actual pipe forward speed, even if the cutting trolley's movement adopts the very accurate follow-up method, it might cause synchronism deviation because of the master controls mistake.  

ADVANTAGE system manufactured by iNOEX, designed for automated sizing of products in the manufacture of plastic pipes is not only the most popular technology modernization, but also can be supplied as an integral part of the extrusion line. Chinese company LIANSU, specializing in the production of extrusion, decided to combine these two technologies.

At the request, extrusion lines are equipped with a built-in ADVANTAGE system at the factory now. On this basis, it was established cooperation with iNOEX.

A new plant for the production of PE pipes was opened in Kostroma region.


1 October 2008 a new plant for the production of PE pipes was opened at Volgorechenskiy Pipe Plant.

The "Gazpromtrubinvest" factory is one of the main suppliers of pipes under the Federal Program "Gasification" today. He is one of the most technologically advanced, although not the largest in the pipe industry.

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