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Scheme of the line


This line is intended for production of Hollow Panel from PC or PPR.


Main Technical Parameters:

Model LSYG-2100-PC/PP
Product width, mm 2100
Product thickness, mm 4-12
Extruder model LSS120-35, LSS45-30
Max output, kg/h 540
Max speed, m/min 2.5
Line length, m 27
Total power, kW 600


  • Special screw structure ensures the good plasticizing effect of the material and the high transparent grade of the panel.
  • Speedy cooling forming die supports the production line with faster linear speed and higher efficiency.
  • Heat treatment device can eliminate the inter stress of the PC/PMMA product to avert of product warp or crack.
  • The PP/PC hollow panel product of this equipment is widely used in recycling bin, acoustic panel, greenhouse, courtyard scaffold, etc.
  • Total computer control - SIEMENS Simatic S7-300 (Germany) with a multilingual interface and color touchscreen.
  • Motor and feeder speed control - converter ABB.
  • Solid state relay - CELDUC, France.
  • Contactor, breaker - SIEMENS, Germany.

   hollow_panel5.jpg hollow_panel2.jpg

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