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LS-SDPM-PE Self-detection die head

Self-detection die head

A newly developed of LSPM-250 self-detecting die head, which have been developed and also been put on the market in 2013, the most striking feature is: when produce various size of pipe, just only need to obtain the formulation data from control system and adjust the head before starting machine, it can easily achieve the qualified pipes, so as to shorten the adjusting time of head from starting to producing the finished product, which can be reduced the waste rate, save time and create value for customers!
LS-SDPM die head also has below features: 

  • Adopt spiral channel structure, so as to ensure the uniform melt temperature and better consistency  of pipe thickness;
  • The head adopt air exhausting type structure, fan speed controlled by inverter, so as to reduce the whole production line’s cooling tank length ( reduce 30%);
  • Equipped with high precision Canbus bus magnetic displacement sensor, which can be displayed dynamically and intuitively four directions eccentricity of pipe on the human-machine interface.

Self-detection interface

Share with PCC control system of extruder, has a large data storage capacity. The useful production data (important relative data of die head) can be saved in PCC data storage area in the form of formula. Before produce various specifications of pipe, just only easily read the corresponding formula from the control interface.

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