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Scheme of the line     

Scheme of the line

This line is intended for production of thin sheet and film from PP/PS/ABS/PC/PVC/PET.



Main Technical Parameters:

Model LSP-1200 LSP-1600 LSB-1500PVC LSBP-650PS/PP
Product width, mm 1200 1600 1500 650
Product thickness, mm 0.2-3.0 0.2-3.0 0.2-3.0 0.2-3.0
Max output, kg/h 400 600 600 250
Max speed, m/min 20 20 20 20
Line length, m 30 35 30 17
Total power, kW 330 350 410 190


  • Simplicity of line design.
  • On account of the different plastic material, Liansu designs the corresponding screw ensures the good plasticizing effect and good product quality, such as PVC, PP, PE, PET, ABS and so on.
  • Calender roller is multi-head spiral water way designed for more uniform roll surface temperature and better product surface quality.
  • Adopt swarfless hot cutting unit, low noise, smooth and perfect incision, which not only can adjust the blade forward stably, but also  the blade quick return to the origin, ensure the cutting can be completed during the high-speed production.
  • Three calender rolls of the calender are driven by the separate motor, frequency variable speed regulate, moreover, the panel extension ratio is adjustable.
  • Total computer control - SIEMENS Simatic S7-300 (Germany) with a multilingual interface and 10" color touchscreen.
  • Motor and feeder speed control - converter ABB.
  • Solid state relay - CELDUC, France.
  • Contactor, breaker - SIEMENS, Germany.

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